Your Investment Advisor

Your Investment Advisor

Enrollment, education and your plan’s quarterback.

Your local investment advisor plays an essential role in maximizing the value of your plan. They help enroll and educate participants, review investment reports, and provide overall plan support.


Your investment advisor will help with initial and ongoing enrollment of employees and will tailor services and meetings to the needs of your workforce.


Your investment advisor will educate your employees about the importance of savings, the benefits of the 401k plan, and help create strategies for success.


Your investment advisor serves as the plan’s quarterback, participating in plan reviews, monitoring employees’ retirement readiness, and recommending changes along the way.

Services for Your Employees

Launch401k includes the services, support, and technology your participants need to create effective savings plans and manage their accounts.



JULY provides toll-free and chat support for employee questions about plan features, technology, and taking disbursements or loans. Live support is available 8:15 A.M. to 5:15 PM, Central Time.


Participants receive quarterly statements that are automatically posted to the plan website showing their account balances, investment details, transaction summary, and rate of return for the quarter.

Account Access

Participant’s have 24-hour, on-demand access to the plan website to manage their account, print statements, make changes to their elections, request distributions or loans, or plan their savings needs.