Custom Profit Sharing Option

The Enhanced Plan offers a custom profit sharing feature called “New Comparability” that maximizes contributions to owners or highly-compensated employees.   Download Fact Sheet

Overview of New Comparability, Custom Profit Sharing Option

Overview of New Comparability

New Comparability allows employers to make different contributions to different employee groups such as owners, highly-compensated employees, and other employees.

  • Maximize Contributions for Owners / Key Employees
  • Contributions are Discretionary
  • Different Contribution Rates for Employee Groups
  • Flexible Design to Meet Employer Goals
  • Can be Combined with a 401(k) Plan
  • Works Best if Owners are Older Than Other Employees
Good Candidates, Custom Profit Sharing Option

Good Candidates

Good candidates include businesses where owners have higher income, steady profits and cash flow, and where owners are older on average than other employees.

  • Owners Seeking Maximum Contributions
  • Physicians and Medical Practices
  • Dental Practices and Orthodontists
  • Law Firms
  • Architectural Firms
  • Other Professional Companies
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