Technology 401k

Technology 401k, Modern, Intuitive, Simple, TechnologyTechnology 401k

Technology 401k, Modern, Intuitive, Simple, Technology

Modern, Intuitive, Simple.

Mananging your 401k has never been easier!

Employee Website

Click below to see some of the features of the plan website for employees

Employee WEB

    Elect contribution percentages and make investment elections.


    Participants can plan and track retirement income goals.


    Request termination, hardship, or in-service withdrawals.


    Make changes, view transactions, and access statements.


Employer Website

Employers have their own website to view informatioin and print reports.


    View plan balances by investment and contribution source.


    Search employees and view detailed account information.


    Run on-demand and pre-printed plan reports.


    View contribution, dividend, and other types of transactions.

Your Investment Advisor

Your Investment Advisor

Enrollment, education and your plan’s quarterback.

Your local investment advisor plays an essential role in maximizing the value of your plan. They help enroll and educate participants, review investment reports, and provide overall plan support.


Your investment advisor will help with initial and ongoing enrollment of employees and will tailor services and meetings to the needs of your workforce.


Your investment advisor will educate your employees about the importance of savings, the benefits of the 401k plan, and help create strategies for success.


Your investment advisor serves as the plan’s quarterback, participating in plan reviews, monitoring employees’ retirement readiness, and recommending changes along the way.

Services for Your Employees

Launch401k includes the services, support, and technology your participants need to create effective savings plans and manage their accounts.



JULY provides toll-free and chat support for employee questions about plan features, technology, and taking disbursements or loans. Live support is available 8:15 A.M. to 5:15 PM, Central Time.


Participants receive quarterly statements that are automatically posted to the plan website showing their account balances, investment details, transaction summary, and rate of return for the quarter.

Account Access

Participant’s have 24-hour, on-demand access to the plan website to manage their account, print statements, make changes to their elections, request distributions or loans, or plan their savings needs.

Prompt, Proactive, Professional

Prompt, Proactive, Professional.

Dedicated support from certified 401k experts.

With Launch401k you receive support from your own dedicated, certified 401k service representative. No call centers, wait times, or hassles – a live person with the expertise to help when you need it most.1

Hands-On, Expert Service
Dedicated Client Service Manager
Participant Support (Toll-Free and Chat)
Pro-Active Plan Fiduciaries
Your Investment Advisor
1JULY CSMs have attained or are attaining their Qualified 401(k) Administrator certification, or higher level, from the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries..

Custom Profit Sharing Option

The Enhanced Plan offers a custom profit sharing feature called “New Comparability” that maximizes contributions to owners or highly-compensated employees.   Download Fact Sheet

Overview of New Comparability, Custom Profit Sharing Option

Overview of New Comparability

New Comparability allows employers to make different contributions to different employee groups such as owners, highly-compensated employees, and other employees.

  • Maximize Contributions for Owners / Key Employees
  • Contributions are Discretionary
  • Different Contribution Rates for Employee Groups
  • Flexible Design to Meet Employer Goals
  • Can be Combined with a 401(k) Plan
  • Works Best if Owners are Older Than Other Employees
Good Candidates, Custom Profit Sharing Option

Good Candidates

Good candidates include businesses where owners have higher income, steady profits and cash flow, and where owners are older on average than other employees.

  • Owners Seeking Maximum Contributions
  • Physicians and Medical Practices
  • Dental Practices and Orthodontists
  • Law Firms
  • Architectural Firms
  • Other Professional Companies
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Getting Started

It’s easy to get started with Launch401k. Below are the steps to set up your plan.


Setup Form

JULY will assist with completing online setup forms and electronically signing agreements.


Kick-Off Call

After completing the online setup form, a call will be held with JULY to coordinate remaining steps.



JULY prepares materials and coordinates online enrollment with your advisor.



JULY trains the employer on the plan website.


Configure Payroll

After participants make elections, JULY helps configure payroll to begin funding contributions.


Deposit Contributions

JULY will coordinate the first payroll and ensure contributions are funded to the plan.



JULY will provide participant instructions for web access.



Launch401k Plan Investments

Selecting the investments offered is an important fiduciary role that requires employers to act as experts. To help you with this responsibility, Launch401k includes professional services from eFiduciary Advisors.

Investment Menu Maintained by Experts
Low-Cost Investments
Blend of Passive and Active Funds
Reduce Fiduciary Risk Using Best Practices
Professionally Managed Options

An investment lineup created and maintained by experts reduces fiduciary risk and helps improve outcomes. Click for more details on investment options.

Simple, Intuitive, Easy.

Simple, Intuitive, Easy.

Managing your 401k has never been easier

Payroll Integration

Launch401k includes ePayroll – integration between JULY and common payroll providers.



Ceridian SMB



Intuit Online






Alternatively, employers can provide us with a comprehensive payroll file each pay period.
ePayroll Brochure     JULY Payroll Brochure

1Available for ADP Workforce now. May not be available for all ADP payroll solutions.
2Available for Paychex Flex. May not be available for other Paychex payroll solutions.

Prompt, Proactive, Professional

A Winning Combination

Support from your local investment advisor and
JULY’s dedicated, certified 401k specialists.

Retirement Plan Design

Launch401 Koffers two pre-configured retirement plan design options to streamline setup and plan operation. Each option has been configured with great design features. Click for More Details.



The Basic Plan is for employers wishing to keep fees to a minimum and desire flexibility in funding employer contributions.

  • Non-Safe Harbor 401k Design1
  • 5% Automatic Enrollment
  • Discretionary Employer Matching
  • Discretionary Profit Sharing
  • 6 Year Vesting on Employer Contributions


The Enhanced Plan is for employers seeking to fund larger contributions to owners and employees.

  • Safe Harbor 401(k) Design
  • 5% Automatic Enrollment
  • Add 1% Auto Deferral Increase (up to 10%)
  • Required Employer Contributions2
  • Custom Profit Sharing Contributions

1 Contributions of owners and highly-compensated employees may be limited if the plan has low participation. The Enhanced Plan eliminates this issue.
2 Choose either: (1) A matching contribution of 100% of employee contributions up to 3% plus 50% on the next 2%, or (2) a 3% non-elective contribution to eligible employees.


We Do It For You

Unlike most providers, we take the lead and do most of the work for you. Our 3(16) fiduciary services include comprehensive plan management to reduce your workload and minimize complexity. Click for Details.

1The employer signs and adopts the initial plan. JULY will sign subsequent amendments as needed or required.
2JULY has integration with many national payroll providers to streamline processing. Employers can elect to submit payroll and contribution data via our website.

Why Offer a 401k?

Your employees’ financial futures are at risk if they are not saving for retirement, and 401k plans are one of the most effective ways to help them save.



Statistics show that 401k plans have become the primary source of retirement savings for U.S. workers and help companies compete for top talent.


A 401k plan is a critical part of an employer’s overall benefits program and minimizes the chance that employees seek jobs with better benefits.


401k plans allow owners and employees to elect pre-tax or Roth salary deferrals, and create a disciplined, tax-favored approach to savings—both are available options.


401k plans reduce income taxes for employees and the company. Employer contributions are tax deductible and employees elect pre-tax or Roth tax treatment – each providing special tax benefits.