Retirement plan investments

Retirement plan investmentsInvestments

eFiduciary Advisors (eFA) serves as a 3(38) investment fiduciary to oversee the plan’s investment menu giving you the expertise to maintain quality investments and meet ERISA standards. 3(38) Services Fact Sheet


Investment Policy

eFA provides a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to guide investment decisions.

Quarterly Monitoring

eFA monitors the investment lineup each quarter to ensure investments are meeting standards defined in the IPS.

Quarterly Reports

eFA provides you with quarterly plan investment reports that you and your advisor can review together.

Fund Replacements

If an investment fails to meet the IPS standards, eFA replaces investments as needed.
Financial advice is offered through eFiduciary Advisor, a SEC Registered Investment Adviser.

Managed Account Options

Launch401k offers three different managed account options to simplify and streamline participant investing. Employers and their Investment Advisors choose one of the following options.


DFA Target Date Funds

With Dimensional Fund Advisor’s (DFA) Target Date Funds, participants choose the fund corresponding to their age bracket. Dimensional manages the account, and over time, the investment emphasis shifts from income growth to income risk management.

StoryLine by Stadion

StoryLine, built with SPDR® ETFs, provides participants with a personalized investment experience considering variables unique to each participant. Stadion serves as a fiduciary, and acting in the best interest of participants is their number one priority.

Tandem ETF Portfolios

Keeping it Simple: Tandem ETF Portfolios consist of four risk-based asset allocation portfolios that invest mainly in ETFs. Each portfolio provides diversification across multiple asset classes consistent with an investor’s risk profile.